Age of Aquarius

«Age of Aquarius» The project «Age of Aquarius» represents 7 works in oil. These decorative canvases are bright artist images of Ms. Alaverdova Irina’s view at the aesthetic growth of humanity and of each person. It is considered that our planet enters the Age of Aquarius, the era of the spiritual development, knowledge of the world’s and soul’s organization, the nature of senses. Water is one of 4 main elements composing the world. Waters brought by Aquarius are waters of the knowledge and he will share it generously with everyone who searches for this spiritual development and harmony. In her «Age of Aquarius» pictures the artist translates the plastic rhythms of water and shows to spectator the energy of ruthless flow of time, the river which one can not enter twice. Fishes are always continuously connected with the concept of water as fish is the water itself in its most changing shape. The very form of fish is the spirit and the soul, the human and the universe consciousness, the meeting point of the spirit and the material. Two works called “YIN” and “YANG” symbolize the opposite nature’s beginnings: the Right and the Left, Man’s and Woman’s consciousnesses which are translated by the artist by means of color and the direction of the compound movement.